Thursday, March 18, 2010

"All right, cool"

The Baltimore Sun's MMA blog recently spoke with Mike Paschall of Baltimore about his upcoming fight at Shogun Fights II and his fight at the first Shogun Fights event last year.

A little less than a minute into the video Paschall describes breaking his opponent's nose with an elbow during the first fight. Paschall probably had the greatest reaction I have ever heard from a MMA fighter upon injuring an opponent. You really have to watch the video for yourself.

Apparently Paschall's opponent did quite a bit of trash-talking leading up to the fight which may have precipitated the injury and therefore, Paschall's reaction. Based on my experiences watching MMA there is usually always trash talking before a fight but more often than not it tends to just be gamesmanship and the two guys trying to play mind games with each other. But every so often there is a genuine disdain for each other shared by the fighters. The feud between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir in the UFC immediately comes to mind.

Is Paschall also the long-lost twin brother of UFC superstar Chuck Liddell? He seems to think so and apparently people in the Baltimore area think so as well. If Paschall's punching power is anywhere near that of the Iceman, I look forward to seeing him fight next weekend.

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