Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MMA and the Marines and other notes

I received an e-mail update today that the Evolve Academy from Gaithersburg recently held a Marine Corps Recruit Seminar, where I can only surmise that owner Mike Moses and other Evolve personnel showed some of America's finest a few MMA moves that the Marines may be able to incorporate into their everyday routines and training.

It also appears the event was a success as it drew over 45 recruits and guests of the Marines. I'm sure the Marines and mixed martial arts share several of the same methods and disciplines in their training. And much like mixed martial arts, training in the Marines is meant to push your limits to the max and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Melissa Snider from Evolve Academy said the presentation focused on "ground survival basics" and techniques such as clinch position, clinch to takedown, offensive and defensive techniques from the guard position, offensive and defensive techniques from the guard and mounted positions and other escape techniques.

While I have not received training in those MMA techniques I have absolutely no doubt it is an arduous workout and are techniques that the Marines can definitely make use of. And if anyone can handle a workout like that, it's the Marines. Ooo-rah.

Evolve Academy isn't the only MMA gym in Maryland taking their show on the road. Team Method from Method MMA in Forest Hill sent out a copy of their e-newsletter that said they will be competing at The Good Fight: Tournament of Brotherly Love II in Philadelphia this weekend.

Though MMA continues to grow in Maryland, local gyms appear to still find a market outside its borders also. But anything that can promote the great sport of mixed martial arts deserves to be spotlighted, regardless of its location.

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