Monday, March 22, 2010

New rule(s)

To borrow a phrase from Bill Maher, new rule: If you want to hold a MMA event in Maryland, there a few things things you need to know first.

As a result of mixed martial arts fights having recently been sanctioned in Maryland, the Maryland State Athletic Commission has created criteria to hold amateur MMA events in the state.

The list appears pretty straightforward; I like that it starts off by clearly stating that there shall be no direct or indirect financial interest in a MMA fighter or the promotion of a fighter. I think certain other sports could stand to learn something from that *coughboxingcough*.

I like the requirement medical personnel and equipment must be present at all times and that the preparation of fighters must be supervised. The last thing we need is someone trying to sneak brass knuckles or loaded gloves into a fight.

This may be my favorite rule though:

"3.Documentation verifying liability insurance in the amount of $100,000 per incident in the aggregate amount of $500,000 or more; and medical insurance in the amount of $10,000 or more per contestant."

Nobody said it was going to be cheap. These requirements are in place in advance of the second Shogun Fights event this weekend in Baltimore. A solid infrastructure is in place for MMA in Maryland.

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