Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shogun Fights rockin' with Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee, best known as the drummer from Motley Crue and for his record-breaking (at the time) sex tape with Pamela Anderson (I have seen clips from that video and while Pamela Anderson will always be one of the hottest women in the world, unfortunately I think other sex tapes have surpassed it in terms of quality. Though they should still be proud of what they created), has lent one of his songs from his Methods of Mayhem project to Shogun Fights for the organization to use in its opening video, according to their web site.

I can only assume the song will be included as part of Shogun's second fight card this Saturday at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore. I heard some of the songs from Tommy's first Methods of Mayhem CD and while I prefer his work with the Crue, the songs were by no means awful. And any more mainstream attention Shogun Fights can receive, the better. Promoter John Rallo has been making the media rounds in advance of Saturday's event, including doing an interview on 98 Rock's morning show on Tuesday. I listened to the interview on my way to (what, you thought I did this for a living? Alas, as much as I wish it were true, I do have to pay the bills somehow) and it was a very good interview.

Tickets are still available for Shogun Fights II, which can be found through here. I have my spot reserved and will be bringing my friend with me, who is also a big fan of MMA. I can't wait.

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