Monday, March 1, 2010

What is MMA and why do I love it?

A detailed explanation of what exactly mixed martial arts is can be found here.

I love mixed martial arts for the most simple of reasons. It is just pure competition. It is all about who is the better man. Two men enter the ring and only one leaves victorious. It isn't scripted like professional wrestling; it isn't rife with corruption and bribery like boxing. MMA provides exciting fights featuring some of the finest-conditioned athletes in the world.

MMA fighters go through rigorous training regimens that rival the harshest training camps in football and other absolutely brutal workouts. Plus, it takes an unique type of person to be able to willingly step into an octagonal cage with someone with the intent to pummel them senseless. But just in terms of pure competition, MMA is second to none.

Credit for link: Wikipedia

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