Monday, April 5, 2010

Following the path

I get back into the swing of things on here by coming across the blog of Jacob Kirwan, a MMA fighter from Hagerstown who trains with the Clinch Academy in Frederick and Ferocity MMA in Owings Mills. Kirwan competed at the recent Shogun Fights II event in Baltimore where he defeated Steve DeAngelis by unanimous decision.

Jacob's blog definitely looks more impressive visually than mine. I should seek his advice on how to spruce my blog up. Jacob put in an impressive performance at Shogun Fights and hopefully he will be a part of future events.

Also keep an eye on Ravon Dixon, a fighter from Baltimore who was triumphant at a recent event in Virginia. Since Dixon is a Charm City native, hopefully he can join the growing market that is mixed martial arts in Maryland by virtue of participating in Shogun Fights.

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