Friday, April 9, 2010

Go where everyone knows your name . . . to watch UFC

Once upon a time when pro wrestling ruled the world, it was common for many a sports bar to broadcast their pay-per-view events for people to come and watch. I was a frequent visitor to places like Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters to watch wrestling PPVs when I was still a fan.

But since wrestling has since faded from the limelight and has been replaced in many eyes by mixed martial arts, watching the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin has been replaced by watching all of your UFC favorites at the aforementioned establishments as well as places like The Greene Turtle, which recently decided to begin broadcast UFC PPVs.

But if you're not sure there is a place near you where you can watch UFC without having to shell out 45-50 bucks, UFC Bar has you covered. I'm not sure if that site is maintained or endorsed by the UFC, but I'm sure they won't object to letting people know how they can tune in for events.

A few Maryland gyms are also getting in on the act as well. Ground Control Baltimore is hosting a watch party for UFC 112 tomorrow at The Field House in Baltimore. Top Flight MMA in Aberdeen is also hosting a watch party at its location.

I myself have watched quite a few UFC events over the last year or so at The Greene Turtle restaurants in Germantown and Frederick. It definitely provides an atmosphere conducive to watching MMA.

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  1. I've been training in jiu jitsu the last couple of months. I need to learn to fight from my back. I've been wrestling for years, so I'm alright on my feet, but I have been at a loss from defensive positions.