Thursday, April 1, 2010

Local fighter on national stage

Team Lloyd Irvin of Camp Springs continues to make its presence known on the national mixed martial arts scene. First it helps train the new WEC Bantamweight Champion; now one of its fighters is competing on this season of UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter".

Kris "Savage" McCray is one of the middleweight contenders on the show looking for a contract with the UFC. McCray made his fighting debut on the show on the premiere episode, defeating Cleburn Walker and popping out his shoulder in the process. There were injuries aplenty duriing the show's premiere, that's for sure.

McCray was also in attendance at the second Shogun Fights event last weekend in Baltimore and got the crowd hyped up during the event and also let people know he was going to be on the show. Hopefully McCray can avoid having a smashed nose like one of his fellow competitors suffered on the premiere episode. The fighter's nose had one part going one direction and the other part going the opposite direction.

Also, I feel the need to clarify my remarks on Michael Phelps in my recap of Shogun Fights II. It was not my intention to insult Phelps, as I have nothing but the utmost respect for Phelps and what he has accomplished. It just appeared as if he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself at Shogun Fights, which given what he has dealt with in his non-competition time, I understand completely. And honestly, I'm glad he appeared to take the laid-back approach and I heard from Shogun Fights promoter John Rallo that he enjoyed himself tremendously. I hope Phelps will continue to be a presence at future Shogun Fights events, as his enthusiasm for MMA is obvious and having a local boy who has done well supporting his hometown is always a great thing to see.

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