Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spreading the word

The mixed martial arts industry in Maryland continues to grow, to what I'm sure is the delight of many. I just came across two sites that look to help MMA in Maryland grow, 410 MMA and Charm City MMA.

410 MMA says its goal "is to collect data on Maryland MMA. will be a resource tool for Maryland PRO & Amateur MMA fighters, gyms, events, sponsors, managers and clothing companies."

I can only hope they meet that goal, as I would like to see more sources continue to sprout up who can help promote the sport.

Charm City MMA is based in Baltimore (hence the name) and says it is a "sports management group specializing in athlete management, sponsorships, contract negotiations and public relations."

That's exactly what I think MMA in Maryland needs. Though guys like John Rallo from Shogun Fights and Ground Control Baltimore are working their ass off day in and day out to raise Maryland's profile in MMA, groups like Charm City MMA can only help in that effort.

Hopefully both groups can get involved in the next Shogun Fights event, which has not yet been announced.

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  1. Thank you for plugging my 410 MMA website on your blog. And for your continuing support of the Shogun Fights organization. I work for/with Shogun Fights, Charm City MMA, Harm Industries and several other MMA related websites.

    Maryland MMA will continue to grow and develop.


    Dave Wilson