Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting a head start

When I was in elementary school a week wouldn't go by where our teacher would hand out flyers on karate classes that we could take home and have our parents sign us up for. I often brought them home and asked my parents to sign me up but they never did and to this day, I don't know why.

But I wish they had, because I feel like I could have become this kid, a 10-year-old from Frederick who has already won a pair of events at a national grappling tournament and appears to be well on his way to being a mixed martial artist.

He already has a first-degree black belt in tae kwon do and hap ki do, so needless to say he could probably kick my ass even though I'm 15 years older than him.

One of the gyms mentioned in the article as where he trains at is Frederick Fight Club, a local gym I have noticed during my time here in the area.

Even though my parents didn't sign me up for karate classes as a kid, I suppose I could have joined the wrestling team in high school as a segway to MMA, since fighters like Randy Couture and Dan Henderson were wrestlers before they were mixed martial artists.

I also suppose I could enroll in karate classes now as an adult, but I'm not sure I could handle being a novice at 25 while kids around Joshua Paige's (the kid mentioned in the article above) age are already excelling and receiving a black belt or higher.

Though since I am still planning to take a MMA fitness class soon, I suppose I should get used to the notion that I will probably be around younger competitors who are already more advanced than me.

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