Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You want my rant? Here's my rant

I'm going to divert the focus of this blog slightly for the purposes of this entry, given that pickings are slim at the moment.

Kevin Richardson, a MMA writer for The Baltimore Sun, recently gave his two cents on the plan to have former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture fight former professional boxer James Toney at UFC 118 in August. Kevin thinks Toney would have been a better matchup for the recently released Kimbo Slice while Randy should be matched up against a young fighter like Jon "Bones" Jones, who is one of the most talked-about young fighers in MMA right now and has looked very impressive so far in his UFC career.

I met Kevin at the second Shogun Fights event in March. Kevin was a really cool guy to talk to and I have absolutely no doubt that he knows his stuff. However, I would probably respectfully disagree with him here. While a Kimbo/Toney matchup would have made more sense in that both guys were/are not true mixed martial artists (Kimbo is still learning his way in MMA), I don't think Jones is ready to face someone on the level of Couture.

I would like to see Jones face someone like Forrest Griffin or Tito Ortiz, fighters who are former champions and while they are not currently in the title picture, they could serve as a "gatekeeper" to gauge if Jones is truly ready to compete against the UFC's best.

In more local MMA news, Team Lloyd Irvin of Camp Springs recently posted a promotional video to coincide with their upcoming compeition in California. Lloyd Irvin is a well-known name in MMA, with multiple fighters who train with them competing at local, regional and national events. The video captures what I feel is part of the true essence of MMA and its several disciplines; respect, camaraderie and commitment.

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  1. What's up Chris? I have to disagree with you on Jon Jones. Remember, Jones has destroyed every fighter he has faced. His last fight was against Brandon Vera, who some considered to be in the top 5 in the light-heavyweight division at that time. He crashed Vera!!
    Also, Brandon Vera lost a tough three round decision to Randy Couture in Nov. 2009. Randy Couture could not finish Vera and Jones made Vera looked like a bum. So again why is Jones not ready for Couture?
    Kevin Richardson/MMA Stomping Ground