Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mad men (and possibly women)

As this video appears to show, Team Lloyd Irvin of Camp Springs can probably consider itself "top dog" in Maryland mixed martial arts.

I know I have written about Team Lloyd Irvin at length since I started this blog and with good reason. The team has several affiliates, including the Evolve Academy and others. The team is oftend mentioned during UFC broadcasts, as several competitors that have competed in the UFC once started out as students at Team Lloyd Irvin.

But one of the things that truly seems to set them apart is the enthusiasm and passion the students have. The above video does a great job showing this. Simple grappling matches between the students seem more akin to the environment seen at a college football game. The students are into it, chanting, clapping, cheering on their fellow students.

If a Mount Rushmore of Maryland MMA was to be built, it's safe to assume Team Lloyd Irvin would play George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

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