Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bash at the Beach

No, I'm not going to regale you with tales of the old WCW pay-per-views of yore, including the 1996 Bash at Beach where Hulk Hogan "went heel" and aligned himself with the nWo, disillusioning and devastating an entire generation of Hulkamaniacs in the process.

I'm talking about the Cage Time 3 event in Ocean City at the end of July. I attended the first Cage Time event in April near Baltimore. I enjoyed the event and actually covered it for the same website as the link above, with help from the very lovely and talented Erin Morgan.

According to the review above some Cage Time veterans competed at this event, including Steven Baker. I like the writer's, Gavin Maleson, line of "Rashad Evans Impersonation award" to describe one of the other competitors at the event. Reading that line made me realize that I haven't seen any local MMA fighter as of yet who reminds me, physically or stylistically, of any particular UFC fighter. But then again I have only been to two MMA events in Maryland.

Maleson also mentions some drawbacks he experienced at the event, namely a malfunctioning PA system and less than adequate seating in some areas. Cage Time still apppears to be a MMA brand finding its way, not yet on the level as the biggest MMA brand in Maryland right now, Shogun Fights.

Nevertheless, it's good to see MMA brands in Maryland continue to grow. While Cage Time just held its third event, Shogun Fights 3 will be at First Mariner Arena in Baltimore in November.

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