Saturday, September 11, 2010

A return of sorts

I had previously written about MMA fighter Wilson Reis visiting Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg to hold seminars for both students and instructors. Well according to a recent e-newsletter from the gym, Reis is making his triumphant return to the gym later next to offer another seminar for instructors and private lessons for students. I heard positive things regarding Reis' last visit so I have no doubt this next trip will be nothing but beneficial for the gym and its students.

Hopefully two of Evolve's students, Jason Morris and Frank Wingate, can bring back some lessons of their own to share after each competed at the Elite Fighting Challenge in Virginia Beach, Va. over the weekend, according to Evolve's latest e-newsletter. Unfortunately both guys came up short but I had the good fortune of having Jason as one of my instructors during one of the "Primal Skills" classes I took at Evolve and I have zero doubt that his loss was not due to proper training and preparation. Jason is diligent and committed to the craft of MMA and I have the utmost confidence his next fight will have a much better outcome.

I also read in Evolve's latest e-newsletter that Master Mike Moses was anonymously nominated to the Black Belt Hall of Fame. Had I known that nominations for that were open I would have gladly attached my name to a nomination for Master Mike. I have interacted with Master Mike on multiple occasions and also had the extreme good fortune to have him as an instructor during one of the "Primal Skills" classes I took. I cannot say enough good things about Master Mike but will just say for now that the nomination is very well-deserved.

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