Saturday, September 25, 2010

Third time is the Charm (City)

In the movie business, if a film franchise becomes incredibly profitable it is usually rewarded with a sequel and even sometimes a trilogy. "Star Wars" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" immediately come to mind. I am not a Star Wars fan by any stretch (and have never actually seen any of the Star Wars movies, much to the astonishment of my friends and co-workers). While we will probably never see George Lucas or Gore Verbinski at the helm of a film about mixed martial arts, a trilogy of the MMA kind is finding its way to Maryland in November.

Shogun Fights, Maryland's premier MMA organization headed by John Rallo of Ground Control Baltimore is having its third event November 13 at First Mariner Arena in Baltimore. A card for the event can be found here and features several fighters who have competed at the first two Shogun Fights events.

Just scanning over the card I am looking forward to seeing if local MMA fighter Binky Jones can even up his record as well as seeing Ryan McGowan for his sheer size alone. I'm also looking forward to seeing Dave Daniecki and Gemiyale Adkins compete in their respective bouts, since those two put on a war against each other at the second Shogun Fights event.

I went to the second event and wrote about it and will be doing the same for this event as well. I may even be fortunate enough to cover the event for Mid-Atlantic Combat Sports, a MMA website that covers predominantly the mid-Atlantic region. My friend Erin Morgan wrote about Shogun Fights II for the same website earlier this year.

The second Shogun Fights event drew around 5,000 people to First Mariner Arena but since then I'm confident that awareness of Maryland MMA has increased respectable, so I expect a larger turnout for the third event.

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