Monday, October 25, 2010

Bagpipes, kilts and ..... kickboxing?

Typically in those cheesy action movies from the 1980s that starred such luminaries as Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme, a competitor traveled to some faraway land somewhere in Asia whose aesthetics and environment were greatly exaggerated by Hollywood. There they engaged in a "deadly" tournament with fighters from around the world in arts such as kung-fu or kickboxing.

Well, there's no JCVD to be found here and there are no elaborate temples. In fact, one of Evolve Academy's students is traveling to the exotic land of Scotland to compete in the 2010 World Kickboxing and Karate Association World Championships, according to an e-newsletter the Gaithersburg gym sent out last week. Hopefully that last link works better for you than it did me. All I can get is Scotland's flag and the association's logo.

It's safe to say that Scotland would not be the first locale most people would think of when they think of a kickboxing and karate tournament. But despite the stereotypes Tinseltown and others would want us to believe, martial arts is not limited to just the Far East. I also watched Braveheart for the millionth time last night and if Scotland is anything like what Mel Gibson portrayed on the big screen, I don't doubt the toughness of the country or its capability to host a martial arts tournament.

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