Monday, October 18, 2010

The first rule of Fight Club is......

You don't talk about Fight Club (original, I know). But in the case of Frederick Fight Club, talking about it gets you your own story in a local magazine.

The gym was featured in the latest issue of Find It Frederick, an "alternative" publication in Frederick that highlights local events, hot spots, organizations, etc. One of the magazine's writers took a free Brazilian jiu-jitsu class at Frederick Fight Club and chronicled her experience. A copy of the article can be found here.

The writer first portrays hesitation/trepidation about trying the art for herself, which I can definitely identify with. I myself was somewhat hesitant to start practicing mixed martial arts when I took a couple classes, mainly because like the writer, I saw other people who already well-advanced in the art and showed themselves to be at the very least competent and at best experts. There was definitely an intimidation factor.

But as the writer tried the class for herself, with help from the chief instructor, she seemed to find herself enjoying learning the art of BJJ and promotes the practice as a hell of a workout, going as far as to say she couldn't hold a spoon correctly for a while.

She also mentions that she was taught that practicing something like BJJ is more mental and physical and I think that's the most important point of all. I have heard the expression "90 percent of life is just showing up" and I think that can applied to something like learning BJJ or MMA. As long as you show up and you are the type of person who welcomes and absorbs teaching well and you approach it with an open mind, learning something new and perhaps intimidating can actually become quite rewarding.

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