Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting an early start

Ever since I started becoming a fan of mixed martial arts and have expressed an interest in training in the sport, I have lamented that I didn't take a more active role growing up in partaking in sports like karate or wrestling. Doing so probably would have better prepared me and made a transition to MMA easier, and I specifically remember coming home from school with sign-up sheets for karate classes that I could never get my parents to sign.

If I had been able to get an early start, it could have been possible for me to learn from a legend in a sport like Brazilian jiu-jitsu like kids who partake in classes at Team Lloyd Irvin in Camp Springs. The kids were recently visited by Dustin Denes, a BJJ black belt who has competed worldwide.

A video accompanies the post about Denes' visit and it appears that at least initially, he stuck to the basics when teaching the kids. It's probably better that way. Though it's nice for the kids to get an early start in BJJ and learn from someone as respected as Denes, it's safe to say they shouldn't be learning any rear-naked chokes or armbars just yet.

As an aside, I went to a MMA event in Manassas, Virginia over the weekend. I enjoyed my time at the event, despite the fact it started an hour late and I had to sit through 17 fights in one night, which caused my eyes to glass over about halfway through. A recap of my experience can be found here.

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