Saturday, February 19, 2011

GSP must protect this house

While several well-known mixed martial artists like Mike Brown, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Leonard Garcia have previously found their way to Maryland, my contemporary in all things Maryland MMA, Kevin Richardson from The Baltimore Sun, probably landed his biggest interview to date when he was able to talk to UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre while GSP was visiting the headquarters of Under Armour in Baltimore (Yeah, betcha didn't know it was headquartered here did you?).

GSP starts by talking about the increasing possibility that he will fight UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, which would more or less be the "superfight" to end all superfights in MMA from my perspective. While I'm sure most MMA fans believe that a superfight should somehow involve Fedor Emelianenko, I personally think Fedor's best days are behind him as evidenced by his back-to-back losses. GSP/Silva is where it's at.

GSP also raises a very interesting point during his interview, in that he would have to move up in weight to fight Silva and noted that it is actually more simple for a lighter-weight fighter to gain weight for a fight than it is for a heavier fighter to lose weight. I can identify with that sentiment, albeit on a significantly smaller scale. I've been trying to lose weight for some time but appear to be stuck in the 190-195 pound range, which is roughly where GSP said he walks around at before his fights when he has to cut down to 170 pounds. Losing weight definitely sucks.

GSP and Kevin also have a very interesting discussion about the different countries where MMA is readily present, like Brazil and Russia. GSP basically concludes that it is difficult to determine the best pure fighter in the world, since each country has its own style that's popular.

Suffice to say I'm extremely jealous that Kevin got to interview GSP. I'm hopeful for the day where I will be able to nail a landmark interview of my own.

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