Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting the word out

It's always encouraging for me when I see mainstream news outlets cover mixed martial arts. While the sport is covered extensively throughout the sports media world and particularly the MMA world, reading about it in a mainstream outlet where you're not used to reading something like that is always gratifying.

So it was much to my pleasure when I saw that the Carroll County Times wrote a feature article about Shaddock MMA in Eldersburg. The article says it's in Sykesville, which is right next door to Eldersburg, but I have spoken to owner John Shaddock and was told it is in fact in Eldersburg. So I take the man at his word.

It was interesting to find out that UFC welterweight Kamal Shalorus helps to train people at Shaddock MMA. There are a few UFC fighters who train at gyms in Maryland but it would be interesting to find out how exactly Shalorus found his way to the tranquility of Carroll County. Shalorus will be a part of UFC's next pay-per-view on Saturday as he takes on Jim Miller.

The article also mentions that Shaddock has an extensive background in boxing and even quotes him as saying boxing is too controlled by promoters, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Boxing is rampant with corruption and an oversaturation of weight divisions, which in turn dilutes the product. The fact Floyd Mayweather is being allowed to duck Manny Pacquiao, when it's the only boxing match that myself and other people would be bothered to watch, shows how much of a joke boxing has become.

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