Monday, April 25, 2011

Learning from the best

Anytime you can learn technique from the master, or anyone affiliated with the master, it's a huge plus.

Students at Garfield BJJ in Arnold got to do just that recently when they received instruction from Ryron Gracie, a member of the legendary Gracie family that is known by all those involved in mixed martial arts as the originators of the sport.

A video was recently shared by the gym in a recent e-mail blast. In the video Gracie offers tips on how to attack from behind an opponent, going beyond the usual approach of trying to lock in a rear-naked choke or trying some ground and pound. One of the great things about Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that offers so many different opportunities to take advantage of your opponent from virtually anywhere.

Other members of the Gracie family have been guest instructors at other Maryland MMA gyms, which can only help the sport's growth here in the state to receive assistance from the First Family of MMA.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Need a sponsor?

If you're looking for a sponsor, FightCo Mixed Martial Arts of New Jersey might be a good place. They've already chosen a pair of fights to sponsor who have proven to put on exciting fights.

The group has chosen two fighters to sponsor at Shogun Fights 4 on April 30 at First Mariner Arena in Baltimore.

FightCo is sponsoring Dave Daniecki and Dan Root at the event, two Shogun Fights veterans who have brought fans to their feet at previous shows. I remember Daniecki most for his three-round war with Germyale Adkins from Shogun Fights 2. Both guys just went at it full-tilt and though Daniecki lost a decision some saw as controversial, but there was no doubt that Daniecki went all-out. He saw redemption at Shogun Fights 3, where he dominated Elder Ramos for an unanimous decision victory.

Root was also impressive at Shogun Fights 3, winning his fight in the first round with an arm triangle. Submission victories were abundant at the third Shogun Fights card, but I felt Root's in particular stood out and gave him the Submission of the Night award.

I'm not sure if I will be able to make Shogun Fights 4 at the end of this month, unfortunately. It falls on the same night as UFC 129, where the main event is Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields for the UFC welterweight title. While I love checking out local MMA events, I don't feel I can pass up watching GSP and Shields duke it out to see who is the best at 170 pounds. But I will give Shogun Fights 4 the respect it deserves and as much coverage as I can leading up to and after the event.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A local celebrity

While they may not throw any ticker-tape parades for him, Zach Davis' profile is continuing to rise in the local mixed martial arts scene.

While he is already being known on a national scale by appearing on this season of "The Ultimate Fighter", Davis is also appearing on the local news to share his story of perseverance.

A little-known fact is divulged in the story that Davis was an alternate on the 2007 season of TUF. The story also chronicles Davis' battle with a torn retina in his eye, an injury that would put most athletes on the shelf permanently.

I mentioned in my last post that Davis competed at the last Shogun Fights event in Baltimore. One wonders if Davis will make an appearance at this month's event that will take place April 30.