Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Locals recapping locals

Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the latest installment of Shogun Fights last month, as I instead elected to introduce my friend Sandi to the world of mixed martial arts by taking her to a local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch UFC 129, where we saw Randy Couture end his career on a less-than-stellar note and watched Georges St. Pierre dominate Jake Shields, even though GSP couldn't see out of his eye for the latter part of the fight.

But I have since heard that the latest Shogun Fights was yet another rousing success and I came across an excellent recap here, through a local Baltimore sports website. Having read over the recap, a few things stick out:

- Ryan McGowan received his first taste of defeat. I've seen McGowan compete at previous Shogun Fights and in addition to being a very large man, he has devastating power in his punches but unfortunately did not seem to have the opportunity to display them in his latest fight. The ref stopped the fight in the second round after McGowan did not answer back from his opponent's strikes. I'm sure McGowan will learn from this experience and will come to the next Shogun Fights hungry for redemption.

- Local MMA hero Binky Jones finally ended his run of bad luck at Shogun Fights with a win. The first time I saw Binky compete at Shogun Fights, he was submitted quickly in the first round. His next run didn't go much better as the ref stopped the fight due to an injury by Binky, though he felt he could continue. Binky has always been a fan favorite at Shogun Fights and probably received quite a high from emerging victorious in front of his hometown crowd.

- Team Ground Control, the Baltimore gym that always has several of its fighters compete at Shogun Fights, once again ruled the evening. Although McGowan lost for the first time, other Ground Control fighters like Jones, Dave Daniecki and Ryan were all victorious. The gym's head trainer, John Rallo, is also the founder of Shogun Fights and the passion he has for MMA is showcased through his fighters. They always seem to bring their best to every fight, especially in Charm City.

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