Sunday, August 14, 2011

A man of many talents

When I was a fan of pro wrestling, I had read interviews with several wrestlers who said it was highly recommended that people looking to break into the industry get their college degree first, since the probability of success in pro wrestling was so low that you needed to have something to fall back on.

In that regard I feel like pro wrestling and mixed martial arts have something in common. While the big stars like Georges St. Pierre, Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva make a comfortable amount of money each fight (and through endorsements) to where a second career is not needed, most fighters are lucky to make a few hundred bucks each fight and as such, many hold second jobs in addition to their MMA career.

That thought process entered my mind after I read this article by one of my former co-workers about Kyle Sefcik, a local fighter who just a signed a three-fight contract and is expected to make his professional MMA debut soon.

The article also mentions that Sefcik is head director at Frederick Fight Club and is pursuing many different endeavors, from self-defense instructor to personal trainer to club DJ. The article makes it appear as if there is rarely any down time for Sefcik, which I think is how most MMA fighters like it. While a break from the grind is necessary to avoid injury and burnout, MMA is a sport that requires and creates such a passion and commitment in fighters that many times, they can't see themselves doing anything else.

Though for people like Sefcik, it appears as if the more things you do with yourself, the better. At least things should never get boring.

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