Saturday, September 17, 2011

Representing the DMV

Normally I loathe nicknames that describe certain regions of the country, i.e. the "DMV", which refers to D.C., Maryland and Virginia. But local events featuring Maryland fighters is not limited solely to UFC's upcoming live event on Oct. 1 in D.C. and Shogun Fights V in Baltimore on Oct. 8. Other events, both locally and nationally, feature fighters who train and compete here in the Free State.

The first event was Stellar Fights V in Delaware, which took place earlier this month and featured several fighters from Practical MMA in Dundalk. A pair of fighters in particular managed to land "Knockout of the Night" and "Submission of the Night" honors at the event and the card also featured fighters from Method MMA in Forest Hill, according to the link posted above. Judging by the posted photos that accompany the article, those fighters brought their A-game and weren't kidding around.

Another event that takes this weekend is Bellator Fighting Championships, a distant third competitor to the UFC and Strikeforce. Brian Van Hoven, a Virginia fighter who has competed at previous Maryland events is scheduled to compete in Bellator's tournament format in the lightweight division. I saw Van Hoven compete at an event in Pikesville last year and while I can't remember off the top of my head if he won or lost his bout, I do remember coming away impressed with his effort and that he made quite an impression on my friend who accompanied me to the event. The first link I posted at the onset of this paragraph notes that Van Hoven is a member of the U.S. Marines and based on my very basic familiarity with the Marines, the word "quit" is nowhere near their dictionary.

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