Monday, November 14, 2011

Varied Interests: Secret Service, Politics...and MMA?

This is probably as political a post as I will ever make on here. But I came across this article in The Washington Post about a former Secret Service agent who lives in Severna Park and filed his papers to run against longtime Maryland representative Ben Cardin. Why am I discussing politics on a MMA blog? Simple (from the article):

"Bongino and his wife, Paula, own two small businesses: a mixed martial arts clothing company and a web design consulting firm."

It's really not uncommon for someone who has an interest in MMA to find himself in a position as a Secret Service. I don't know currently if this guy has ever practiced MMA or what the name of his clothing company is. But many MMA fighters have a military background and there are those in the military who decide to join ranks such as the Secret Service. While they look like GQ models in their suits, it's a safe bet Secret Service know how to kill you quickly with their bare hands.

In fact, it's also a safe bet that many agents learn techniques by participating in events such as the Maryland Grappling Championships, which will take place in January in Baltimore.

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