Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forming an Alliance

It's not uncommon for mixed martial arts fighters to train in different gyms in preparation for a fight. While each fighter has their team or home base, many fighters elect to travel the country or even the globe to train with the very best available so they in turn can put on their best possible performance. Well-known fighters like Georges St. Pierre and Rashad Evans often travel to gyms nationwide and even worldwide to get the best training in several disciplines.

But it's not just professional mixed martial artists who seek out outsiders to train with. Local fighters like those from Practical MMA in Dundalk and Charm City BJJ in Baltimore team up to train and better themselves in anticipation of events such as Shogun Fights in Baltimore.

In addition to helping other fighters, MMA gyms are also active in the local community. Many gyms like Top Flight MMA in Aberdeen help kids address bullying by training them, though the old adage is that if you're a kid and you train in karate or any kind of martial arts, you should never actually use it.

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