Friday, December 23, 2011

Taking to the air ... er, cage

It's no secret that mixed martial arts and the military are, in many ways, peas in the same pod. MMA is extremely popular among members of the military and the UFC has a partnership with the U.S. Marines, which is featured prominently during UFC programming.

But other branches of our military want to get in on the MMA scene, including the Air Force. Sgt. David Perez, a cyber airman at Fort Meade in Maryland, wants his base to hold MMA events, according to the article. All military personnel receive some kind of combat training and some even hold competitions similar to that of MMA.

For one, I am a strong supporter of Perez's idea. He's already started his own MMA team at Fort Meade, Team Warfighter Iron MMA, according to the article. It is a great way to train our personnel on hand-to-hand combat, especially in close quarters. I remember an episode of "The Ultimate Fighter" from over a year ago where members of the U.S. Marines received training from UFC fighters. Training our military personnel in new methods of combat that our enemies may not be aware of gives our military a distinct advantage.

Plus, I think it would be pretty bad ass for a Marine to render a member of the Taliban unconscious with a triangle choke. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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