Monday, January 2, 2012

New ways to learn

In mixed martial arts, there's always something new to learn or some new way to learn. Just when you think you've grasped a specific form of MMA, whether it be striking, wrestling, or jiu-jitsu, something new comes along that turns everything around. If you don't have a willingness to constantly learn new things, chances are MMA isn't for you.

One such local student shares his thoughts on training for an upcoming Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in Baltimore. The student trains at Bowie MMA and talks about being able to train with different instructors, including those with a military background like himself.

I've talked at length about how many MMA fighters journey to different locations/schools when training for a bout. Some do it to avoid complacency, others do it because they want to absorb as much knowledge as they can from the very best. I've also mentioned how MMA is catching on with members of the military and I should ask my friend who is a member of the Marines if he or any of his fellow Marines have received any kind of training in BJJ or some other form of MMA.

Participants in submission/BJJ tournaments are the very best at what they do. If you want to be able to compete on their level, it helps to get the best training available to hopefully teach you something new.

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