Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keeping it in-house

Since there isn't always an actual event card for local mixed martial arts gyms to have their fighters compete on, many times they will hold their own competitions in-house in an effort to not only improve their fighters' skills, but also continue to foster the sense of community that is so prevalent at many gyms.

Once such recent example was a tournament held earlier this month by Team Lloyd Irvin in Camp Springs. The gym invited several of its affiliate gyms to compete in an in-house Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, with a recap of the event available here.

One of the gyms that competed during the event was Wrightson BJJ in Towson. The school posted a couple videos of its students competing in the tournament, which can be seen here and here. While the first video shows a match that seemed to be over quickly, the two students who competed in the second video seemed to truly engage in the chess match that BJJ is known for. The student in the yellow shirt was constantly in his guard and seemed to want to lock his opponent into a submission. Luckily the other student appears to use his side advantage to his benefit and prevent that from happening.

Tournaments like this are a great way for different gyms to come together and teach its students the nuances of a sport as disciplined as BJJ and MMA.

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