Monday, August 13, 2012

What offseason?

This is one of my favorite times of the year, not only because my birthday is at the end of the month but also because the preseason has started in football, which means a new season is right around the corner. I LOVE football.

But unlike other sports, mixed martial arts has no offseason. There are events all year round and fighters, especially amateurs, are expected to fight multiple times a year. In fact, Evolve Academy had several of its fighters compete late last month at an Operation Ocatgon card in Virginia.

Evolve fighters compete at numerous events per year throughout Maryland and in other surrounding states. The gym saw its fighters achieve a split on the card, with two fighters coming out on top while two unfortunately came up short.

Kwame Yiadom won his fight with a first-round TKO, landing a devastating leg kick to his opponent's body that enabled Yiadom to finish the fight, according to Melissa Snider, Evolve's program director who is a constant presence at both the gym and at the fighters' events. Jon Faltz also won by first-round TKO, capitalizing on his opponent's overaggressive nature and finding an opening and connecting on a blow that rocked his opponent's senses and led to the early finish, Snider said.

Evolve's Trevor Thompson and Greg Lyman suffered losses at Operation Octagon, Thompson by unanimous decision and Lyman by a first-round KO. You can't win them all in MMA, but every loss is a learning experience and it all depends on how the fighters respond. Knowing Evolve and the quality trainers they have there, I have no doubt Thompson and Lyman will emerge from these temporary setbacks.

Evolve has more fighters competing at future events over the next few weeks, so since there is no offseason in MMA, there is no rest for the wary.

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