Thursday, September 13, 2012

For VIPs Only

It's no secret that training in mixed martial arts is a grind. Day in and day out fighters beat each other senseless and push their bodies to the limit in order to be as prepared as they can. If they manage to avoid physical injury during training, they still suffer mental wear and tear from the monotonous nature that MMA training can become.

However, Team Lloyd Irvin in Camp Springs is doing its part to help make training a little more bearable. Lloyd Irvin gave a tour of his facility's "Medal Chasers Lounge", which includes several amenities to help fighters unwind from grueling training sessions, including pool tables and video games.

But the facility still has the tools necessary for fighters to hone their skills, including mats and areas for fighters to work on their Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills. Irvin was quick to point out that his gym predominantly caters to those who just want to use MMA to get in shape, but he is still known as one of the pre-eminent trainers of MMA fighters around the world.

MMA definitely requires a full commitment, to the point where fighters really can't afford to be doing much else in their lives. But like anyone else, they also need time to unwind and escape from the grind.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bits and pieces

This post gets to combine two of my favorite things: MMA and football.

College football kicked off this past weekend and the NFL officially gets underway on Wednesday evening. But high school football started a couple weeks ago, and players from Our Lady of Good Counsel (whose coach used to be the coach at my high school and was once my algebra teacher), were paid a visit from Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin.

Good Counsel was out in Las Vegas to play a nationally televised game against a school out there and the opposing team's coach set up a meeting with the UFC stars. Good Counsel's Coach Milloy wasn't aware who Chuck and Forrest were, which answers the question of if he follows MMA.

One of the perks of playing on a team that travels nationwide for games is you're afforded opportunities most other teams don't get. Both college and NFL players are big MMA fans and are fixtures at events, so it's nice to see high school kids get the same opportunities.

Speaking of football players at events, if you know of any football players (or are one yourself) and you're not busy on Oct. 20, check out the latest installment of Shogun Fights at First Mariner Arena in Baltimore.