Saturday, January 12, 2013

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I'm watching Strikeforce's last card on Showtime and tweeting about the event when I saw this link posted by MMA Fight! Magazine:

According to the story, two students from Team Lloyd Irvin in Camp Springs allegedly sexually assaulted one of their teammates on New Year's Eve. The gym issued a statement expressing support for the victim and emphasizing that the alleged incident had nothing to do with the gym or anyone who works there, according to the article.

While we have due process in this country and according to our legal system, all accused parties are innocent until proven guilty, this is an incredibly tragic event and I can't even begin to imagine what the victim is going through right now. With some of the events going on in the world related to violence against women, specifically the events in India and Steubenville, Ohio, it's sad, infuriating, worrying, tragic, problematic, terrible and just wrong that incidents like this still happen in today's society. I share my deepest sympathies and thoughts to the victim.

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