Saturday, February 16, 2013

That time of year

Springtime usually means one thing in the Maryland mixed martial arts scene, and that is Shogun Fights is getting ready for one of its twice-a-year cards.

Looking at the fight card, which will probably grow and be changed leading up to the event on April 13 in Baltimore, we see some of the usual suspects that have been staples at previous Shogun Fights events, including plenty of fighters from Ground Control Baltimore such as Dave Daniecki and Dan Root.

Speaking of Daniecki, right now he is slated to face Joey Kirwan from the Clinch Academy in Frederick. I think this is an early candidate for Fight of the Night, as Daniecki has always put on entertaining fights at previous Shogun Fights event and Kirwan is a veteran of regional cards like Shogun Fights and bigger events like Bellator MMA.

First Mariner Arena is always rocking with an enthusiastic crowd when Shogun Fights come to town, and I expect this go-around to be no different.

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