Thursday, March 21, 2013

A woman's touch

Late last month I wrote about Roya Darvishian, a female mixed martial arts fighter from Maryland who had recently won at an event in Pennsylvania. The victory has started to boost her profile in MMA, as she was featured in another article discussing her victory.

She mentions in the article that she's planning to compete in other competitions in boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Since fights are not always readily available, many fighters enter competitions like that in order to keep their skills sharp. A wise venture to be sure.

Darvishian is not the only female Maryland fighter who's choosing not to rest on her laurels. Rosanna Garcia, a fighter with Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg,shared her thoughts in a blog entry about her teammates competing on a recent card in Virginia, according to Evolve's latest e-newsletter.

Garcia gives a detailed account of each of her teammate's fights in her blog, displaying some great writing skills to boost, which is something I can definitely appreciate. It speaks to the camaraderie that MMA can foster that one teammate takes such a deep interest in her teammates' endeavors.

Garcia herself will have her own, large stage in a few weeks, as she competes in the first female MMA bout ever at Shogun Fights in Baltimore. As women's MMA continues to grow on the national stage, so too is it growing on the local and regional stage.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Branching out

The continued growth of mixed martial arts in Maryland can only mean good things. With this growth, new gyms can pop up all the time and existing gyms can branch out to new locations in order to take advantage of the sport's popularity. Ground Control Baltimore, one of Maryland's preeminent MMA gyms and a major player in the annual Shogun Fights event in Baltimore, recently opened a new facility in Bel Air, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Multiple fighters from Ground Control routinely appear at Shogun Fights, including fan favorites like Dave Daniecki and Dan Root. Seeing a major gym like Ground Control expand to Bel Air (the gym already has locations in Baltimore, Columbia and Owings Mills) can give both upstart gyms and established ones hope that they took can expand their footprint in Maryland and expand the sport of MMA's reach.

Also, with the majority of Maryland MMA gyms concentrated in the D.C.-Baltimore area, it's always good to see gyms pop up in other parts of the state in order to make it more convenient for fans throughout Maryland to try out the sport they love, regardless of where they live.