Monday, September 2, 2013

Fighting to make ends meet

Since I decided to take the entire month of August off (which was not entirely by design), I'm going to start September by addressing a topic that recently dominated the mixed martial arts landscape: fighter pay.

This is something that affects not only fighters in the UFC, where this issue first started, but also on the local circuit and in the amateur ranks. Roya Darvishian, a female fighter from Maryland, spent more than $500 of her own money to travel to a fight in Illinois in July, only to have it scrapped at the last minute and she ended up losing out on making any money at all.

Unless you achieve the kind of success that fighters like Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have, where they can parlay their success as competitors into lucrative sponsorship, marketing and endorsement deals, being a MMA fighter, whether locally, regionally or nationally, is a huge sacrifice since the paychecks aren't steady. How much you get paid depends on how much you fight, and even then how much you're compensated will vary.

Luckily for Darvishian, she received another opportunity as she took a fight in Atlantic City last month. Unfortunately, not every fighter is as lucky.

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