Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fight Day

There always seems to be a special buzz in the air when it's the day of a UFC PPV. You know you usually have a great card of fights to look forward to that night, and social media is always abuzz with everyone in the mixed martial arts world chiming in with their thoughts.

I think that same feeling is also replicated on the local MMA scene, particularly when it's time for Shogun Fights, as it is today. This is the ninth edition of Shogun at First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, and looking over the fight card, it is chock full of local favorites including Dan Root, Binky Jones and Dave Daniecki, who all come from Team Ground Control in Baltimore.

Although I unfortunately will not be there today, I know others who will be and can count on them to provide excellent analysis of tonight's fight card. However, I will make it a point to attend the next Shogun Fights, which will be its 10th installment and I'm sure will take place early next year. With it being the 10th edition, I'm also sure something extra special will be in the works. But if you're in the Charm City area today and don't have anything to do, mosey your way over to First Mariner Arena and check out some excellent fights featuring young, talented and hungry up-and-coming fighters.

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