Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's all coming together

We all know that UFC 172 is taking place in Baltimore. Now the local MMA community is getting their opportunity to chime in on this, with no less an authority than John Rallo (he of the popular Shogun Fights cards that also happen in Baltimore) getting his chance to offer his two cents.

I'm sure John is getting more than his fair share of opportunities to discuss the significance of UFC coming to Baltimore, since his name is synonymous with MMA in Maryland. Local radio has been offering promotions in relation to UFC 172, and I can only imagine the scene in downtown Baltimore that night. I was hoping to purchase tickets to be there in person. But I'm not sure if people know this, but UFC tickets are just a WEE bit pricey, especially for PPVs.

But I will still be tuned in to that card and see what kind of stage Charm City offers the UFC. I have no doubt it will be spectacular.

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