Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fight week!

FIGHT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

UFC head honcho Dana White usually makes that announcement at the beginning of the week leading up to a big show and really, are there any other two words that bring as much excitement to a mixed martial arts fan?

Well, I can use them this week, because as I've already mentioned, UFC 172 is Saturday night in Baltimore. And the local media has been ALL over UFC leading up to this event, including my esteemed colleague Kevin Richardson from The Baltimore Sun. He's published a number of pieces previewing UFC 172, including this video of UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis making his case for a title shot against champion Jon Jones.

In just 48 hours, UFC will finally be in Maryland at First Mariner Arena. I'm sure when John Rallo from Shogun Fights started his quest to sanction MMA events in Maryland a few years ago, I'm sure he had this end goal in mind. But I'm sure this event will exceed his, and probably my, expectations.

FIGHT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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