Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting an early start

It's always nice to read about young competitors coming up through the ranks, working hard to achieve their dreams of making it in mixed martial arts. A pair of amateur fighters in Maryland are doing just that, as this interesting and informative news article from southern Maryland shows.

Chris Cleary trains at Calvert MMA in Prince Frederick and Cody Denton trains at Conquest BJJ in Millersville, according to the article. Both guys emerged victorious in MMA and Muay Thai at a national event in March by the World Kickboxing Association.

Both guys have designs to go pro, which only bodes well for the local MMA scene. A steady stream of fighters constantly find their way from Maryland into MMA. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll see these guys at Shogun Fights, which I just recently learned will be on June 21.

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