Saturday, May 31, 2014

Write what you know

They say you should write about what you know. As evidenced by this blog, I know mixed martial arts. It's become one of my passions, much like professional wrestling was a passion of mine when I was a kid and I would watch it religiously. I now do the same with MMA, and I love writing about it.

So I've decided to write a book about MMA. It will be fiction; I don't pretend to be enough of an expert to try to write a book on this sport rooted in any kind of fact. It will chronicle a fictional fighter's journey through his career - he will face hardship along the way. Will he emerge from it? You'll have to read my book when it's published to find out.

But even though I'm writing fiction, I'm going to gather as much information from outside sources to ensure some semblance of authenticity. I'd like to reach out to fighters, promoters and others in MMA to get their perspective on the sport. Why do fighters get into MMA? What's their fight camp like? What's the first step a promoter has to take if he/she wants to put on a fight card? How do they approach the matchmaking process? What do they do if a fighter pulls out with an injury?

I'd like to receive as many points of view as possible to really get some insight into the fight game, so that I may portray it as accurately as possible. Want to help and contribute your two cents? Send me an email at

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