Wednesday, November 5, 2014

With apologies to Bruce Buffer.........

IT'S ... TIME!!!!!!!!! I'm surprised it's taken me this long to steal that from him.

But yes, it's that time again. The 11th installment of Shogun Fights is coming to Baltimore on Nov. 15. It's really hard to believe that there have been 11 fight cards. It still seems like yesterday I saw one of the very first ones, and genuinely wondered how long it would stick around. Not because I doubted the appetite for mixed martial arts from my fellow Marylanders, but because well, frankly, putting on shows are expensive and requires a ton of commitment from all sides. But since it's endured for 11 installments, I think those questions have been answered.

Now then, looking at the fight card for this latest edition, we yet again some familiar faces. Binky Jones. Micah Terrill, Rob Sullivan, Myron Baker. And some of the usual suspects of MMA gyms are also well represented. Evolve Academy. Conquest BJJ. Clinch Academy. And of course, Ground Control Baltimore.

Also when looking at the card, there's only one fight contested at the light heavyweight level (205 lbs.). Besides that, every fight ranges from flyweight (125 lbs.) to one fight at welterweight (170 lbs.). Could Shogun Fights be marketing itself as a developer of talent in the lighter weight classes, much like how World Extreme Cagefighting carved its niche prior to being bought by UFC?

During the first few Shogun Fights, the main event was always a super heavyweight fight, featuring fighters who routinely weighed 300 pounds or more. I personally find such fights to be a sideshow. But I guess it helped set Shogun Fights in the early stages.

I'm hoping to get some comments from one of the competitors competing on this card, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you haven't had the chance to experience Shogun Fights in person, I highly recommend it.

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