Friday, July 3, 2015

The Tao of Rallo

It's been a while since I've written here, admittedly. I've been wrapped up with my other mixed martial arts blogging duties (you can check me out on Combat Press, among other places), but it's high time I put my focus back on this. And I found the perfect item to feature.

John Rallo from Shogun Fights was a guest recently on the Travis Thomas Experience, a podcast by CBS Baltimore's Travis Thomas. Here are just a few highlights from what was a very informative interview:

- Rallo was going to audition for the second season of "The Ultimate Fighter" before tearing his ACL.

- Rallo hopes former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones can overcome his inner demons and an obvious problem with drugs and alcohol. "He comes from a good family," Rallo said of Jones. "He was just scraping the surface and was still evolving as a fighter."

This was where the interview got really interesting, in my opinion. Rallo shared that he is a proponent of regulated use of anabolic steroids in professional and contributed other thoughts on the issue of performance-enhancing drugs:

- Rallo believes 3-year penalty for first-time drug offense is "ridiculous", while still crediting UFC for addressing the issue. However, Rallo believes a first-time offender should perhaps be subject to some kind of counseling instead of a 3-year ban. "That could end guys' careers," Rallo said.

- "Steroids aren't bad for you," Rallo said, noting a HBO "Real Sports" segment that discussed the death of former professional football player Lyle Alzado and how he didn't appear to die from steroid use, as was originally reported.

- Rallo is quick to point out that steroids are dangerous to women and children, but that adult males who receive proper guidance from a doctor on anabolic steroid use can enhance their quality of life. "Your pay in sports is based on how you can perform," Rallo said. "You should have your own ability to decide if you want to do it. You should be able to see a doctor to make sure you don't have any pre-existing conditions. Do blood work every 3-4 months. Used properly, I really don't see the problem. People do not want to see ordinary when they watch pro sports."

- Rallo believed that Conor McGregor, while entertaining in his own right, talked his way into a title fight against UFC featherweight champion. Rallo believed a wrestler like Chan Mendes or Frankie Edgar would neutralize McGregor's effectiveness.

If you want to hear more of Rallo's thoughts on MMA, check out the podcast here.

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