Sunday, January 10, 2016

A little Q&A about MMA, Part II

Last month, I spoke to a few fighters from Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg about their upcoming fights at a Cagezilla Fighting Championship event in Virginia. While one of the fighters I spoke to had to withdraw from his fight, the other two still competed and followed up with me about their experience.

- How did your fight unfold?

Garrett Kline: It went. We started off touching gloves and my opponent I could see was moving in a traditional tae kwon do stance. I realized right then my game plan needed to be executed. So I threw a left hook and cut off the cage, and he was shocked. So I went for a takedown assuming I'd be able to get it and work my ground and pound. Well, I left my neck exposed and he capitalized.

John Thorpe: I won my last fight via a unanimous decision. I wasn't impressed at all with my striking, and still have yet to evaluate the actual cage footage.

- Were you victorious?

Kline: No, I didn't get my hand raised. But in my mind I was the winner because I had the nerve to go out and compete. So I already accomplished my major goal just by making it.

- How would you evaluate your performance?

Kline: Good, honestly. It was quick, but for anyone who hasn't fought it's easy to talk about what to do. But when you're in the situation, things go worse then expected. But I loved it.

Thorpe: I have already grown from this fight not only as a fighter, but as a person. I have never been into the third round, and that for me was always a concern. My mentality leading up to stepping in was no matter what I won't quit, I won't get frustrated, and I will stay calm, which I successfully executed. Anthony Wilson, an awesome guy by the way, really surprised me with his boxing. I realized fast this isn't a guy who will be easy to knock out.

- How will you use this fight to grow and evolve as a fighter?

Kline: I will train harder and make sure I don't expose as many openings.

- When would you like to fight again?

Kline: Sign me up for next weekend. I want to be in there more than any one else. We are fighters. When we suffer defeat, we go back, polish our armour and stand toe-to-toe once again.

Thorpe: Right now I'm enjoying my family, but the cage is calling. I'm looking forward to stepping back in as soon as possible, but there are a couple of guys whom I'd be willing to wait a bit longer to compete against!

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